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THIRD EYE Linen Eye Pillow

24.00 EUR / Sold Out

These eye pillows are made with dead-stock fabric from our other projects making it an eco conscious choice and are filled with organic buckwheat husk. Add your preference of essential oil to the inner layer to match your mood and relax :)

• The item had been handmade (stitched and printed) by us in our home studio in Lisbon

• The outer pouch is 100% dead-stock high quality linen and the inner pouch is a lightweight linen and cotton blend

• The filler is made of organic buckwheat husk

• Ideal for using during yoga in savasana, meditation, napping or to provide relief during headaches or congestion

• Use with your choice of essential oil

• The fabric has been pre washed


Size: approx. 23 x 10 cm

Care: The linen has been pre-washed. If you need to clean we suggest to set the inner pouch aside and hand washing the outer pouch with warm water and a mild detergent. Dry flat and iron on the linen setting with a light tea-towel covering the prints.