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Limited Edition AL-GHARB Pillow, Terracotta and white

65.00 EUR

Our AL-GHARB Limited Edition Collection is inspired by the south of Portugal, where there is vast moorish heritage ("Al-Gharb" being the original Arabic for the current location "Algarve") that is present in everyday life.

The pillow is handmade with block printed shapes that have some texture from the brush application onto the lino cuts when pressed against the fabric, giving the composition an extra depth.

The stunning 100% linen used is lightweight yet sturdy and it's made using remnants from other projects, making this specific collection eco conscious as well as very limited. When we say "Limited Collection" - we mean it. When it's gone, it's gone.

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• The item had been handmade by us in our home studio in Lisbon

• The composition is in a block printed collage style

• Ideal for decorating your bed, or styling your armchairs and sofa.

• The fabric has been pre washed

• Note that the listing is for the cushion cover only. The filling is not included


Size: 30 X 50 cm (filler used: 35 X 50 cm, not included)


Care: The linen has been pre-washed. If you need to clean we suggest using hand wash with cold water, alternatively you can put it in the machine on a gentle cycle at 30 degrees celcius with a small load. Dry flat and iron on the linen setting with a light tea-towel covering the prints.


Images taken in Casa C'Alma, a gorgeous 5 bedroom boutique guesthouse in central Lisbon. Check them out here: https://www.quietude.pt/en/casacalma